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The Rules of Engagement

Happy Engagement! 

He asked, you said “yes!” woot woot!!  Now, excitement begins! Engagement season is so much fun!  Your life is about to change in such an amazing way and you are about to plan a celebration, your wedding, that will be one of the most cherished moments in your live.  Here are some helpful tips or “Rules of Engagement” to help you enjoy this time.



1. Share the news with your family and close friends first.

It may be tempting to take a ring photo and put it on Facebook or Instagram immediately. However,  your  family and ” besties” should hear the story from you in  person. If they don’t live locally, Skype, Face Time or a call would be great. Then share away on social media.


2. Keep focused on the most important thing, your relationship.

Let’s face it, wedding planning can be very stressful and seems to  take on a life of it’s own. It can easily become the topic of just about every conversation. More than likely, this is going to be the most money you or your parents have ever spent on a celebration. There are many decisions to be made, discussions over the guest list, decor, budget…it can get a bit overwhelming.  Make a plan at the beginning of your engagement to go out once a week and not discuss the wedding. You will thank me for this one, really. 


3. Have patience for people who ask questions and offer you (unsolicited) advice.

Believe me, you will get this from people you don’t expect, the clerk at the store, co-workers…your grandmother’s friends (maybe you did expect it from them). From what my brides have shared with me, it is fun at the beginning, then it can get a bit annoying. Keep in mind that most people have great intentions and want to share in your excitement 


4. Be careful who you invite until you finalize your guest list.

This is a tough one and it happens a lot. You might have a million friends, and your fiancee has a huge family, unless they are in your bridal party or immediate family, don’t verbally invite anyone until you know how many people you can invite (vs. how many people you want to come). Trust me, it’s better than an awkward “sorry, we can’t invite you” call.  If anyone asks if they are invited, respond with “we’re still working on the guest list”. 


5. Enjoy your engagement season.

It will go by very quickly. Delight in the excitement, the parties, showers, dress shopping, wedding planning, and your relationship with your fiancee.  Consider hiring a professional wedding planner to take the stress of planning off of you so you can enjoy every second. During the engagement season there are many priceless moments, savor them all!  

2 Responses to The Rules of Engagement

  1. Heather Ball says:

    Absolutely great advice given! My husband and I were engaged from April to Sept of 2016. We got married Sept 3, 2016. I wish we had this list!

  2. Great tips, I especially love number 3!

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